Mar 21

Fun to Celebrate Spring!

Spring Activities for Kids | www.whenigrowupbooks.comSix weeks after The Groundhog saw his shadow, winter is finally over. Yesterday, March 20th, was the first day of spring. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it was the spring equinox, the day when the sun passes over the celestial equator. We are now experiencing spring, and those below the Equator are now experiencing fall.

So what are some activities you can do to mark the occasion with your little ones, get them excited for flowers, sun, and baby animals (the official spring symbols, of course)?

  • Bake flower pot cupcakes. (Mummy Deals)
  • Plant some flower seedlings so they bloom during the summer (we love edibles, so children can enjoy the fruits of their labors).
  • Make a wind catcher. (Inspiration Laboratories)
  • Cultivate their green thumbs with a Grass Head. (Red Ted Art)

If the temps in your area have risen, and the snow has thawed:

  • Take a nature walk and help your little botanists identify the plant life with this free printout from Teachers Pay Teachers.
  • Break out the sidewalk chalk!

Don’t forget that springtime also means spring cleaning. Get your kids excited and involved with cleaning games like a treasure hunt for the items in each room that belong elsewhere, or a dust party dance-off. Fun for them and a clean house? Nothing better than that! (Premeditated Leftovers)

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