Jun 03

Summer Reading with the Youth Learning Center of St. Louis

#SummerSuperstars #Literacy Campaign | www.WhenIGrowUpBooks.com/SummerSuperstarsWhat a special day with our team member Mark Shyres visiting the Youth Learning Center of St. Louis for a summer reading event!

#SummerSuperstars #Literacy Campaign | www.WhenIGrowUpBooks.com/SummerSuperstars“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Mark, himself an author and illustrator, asked the youngsters.

#SummerSuperstars #Literacy Campaign | www.WhenIGrowUpBooks.com/SummerSuperstarsAfter a day of reading Wigu Books, and being inspired to dream of meaningful careers, the kids are super excited to join in our Summer Superstars Literacy Campaign!

#SummerSuperstars #Literacy Campaign | www.WhenIGrowUpBooks.com/SummerSuperstars

Enter Summer Superstars: Reading AND Writing Makes Kids Shine literacy program to win cash and prizes!

Learn more about the Youth Learning Center.

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