Jun 05

How To Create a #SummerReading Nook for Kids

Reading With An Elephant | www.WhenIGrowUpBooks.com via pinterestI just love this old photo! Can you imagine? Unfortunately, we don’t all have a cuddly and cooperative pet elephant upon which to read our favorite books, but creating some sort of reading nook can help encourage reading, especially important during the summer, when children can lose up to 40% of their educational momentum. A reading nook can also provide stylish and refreshing transformation for an unused corner of your home. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Make sure there is lots of natural light or provide a good lamp for illuminating book pages
  • Piles of well-designed pillows thrown together in a heap can make for a chic and cozy “nest”
  • Lanterns and a rocking chair can create an old fashioned feel
  • A bed canopy or mosquito netting, hung from above makes a private castle for little princes and princesses
  • Place shelves or baskets well stocked with books at an arm’s length
  • A blanket thrown down under the shade of an oak tree, with a pitcher of lemonade, can be the best nook of all.

Do you have a reading nook in your home? Tell us about it below, or share photos on our FB page.

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