Nov 11

Honoring Veterans Day

One day is not enough time to offer thanks and tribute for everything that Veterans have done for this country.  This Veterans Day, lets pay tribute not only on the celebrated holiday, but for the rest of the year as well.


On Veterans Day, it is worth recognizing that those who give our heroes strength are providing a type of service.  A family is a team, therefore we should  offer a great deal of appreciation to the family members of people currently serving, as well as Veterans.   Lets honor all of the fathers, mothers, spouses, siblings, and children who stay up at night awaiting a phone call to make sure their son or daughter are safe.


This Veterans Day, I encourage you to go out of your way and do something nice for a Veteran, or a family member of a Veteran.  A simple thank you has the potential to make a Veteran’s day.  Veterans Day is a day to remember the sacrifices that many Americans made for the country that we love.


Here are 7 ways to honor a Vet on Veterans Day…Credit to USnews.com


1.Say “thank you.” It’s a simple gesture, but a deeply meaningful one. If you see a veteran in uniform out in public, simply step up and thank that person for his or her service. Shake that person’s hand, look them in the eye and give a sincere “thank you.”

2.Visit a retirement home. Many veterans in retirement homes would be incredibly happy if people took a moment to stop in and spend some time with them as thanks for their service. Stop in at a retirement home near you, ask if there are any veterans around and personally thank them. Take the time to ask them about their service and genuinely listen to their stories.


3.Send a letter. This isn’t quite free – you’ll have to spend enough for a stamp (you probably have a few in your desk drawers) and use up some paper and an envelope from around the house. However, it’s a powerful – and permanent – way to show a veteran that you honor his service.


4.Do some chores. If you have a veteran in your neighborhood, stop in and ask if that person needs any help with chores. Perhaps you can rake leaves or help with a simple household task or two. Maybe that veteran needs a ride somewhere or could simply use an ear to listen while she talks.


5.Invite a veteran to Thanksgiving dinner. If you know a veteran in your community that might not have a family to visit during Thanksgiving dinner, invite that veteran to your family’s dinner. Open your doors and make him or her feel completely welcome in your home. A meal and some great conversation can make anyone feel honored.


6.Learn more. For many veterans, the most powerful thanks you can give is to simply understand why they served and what this nation is really all about. Spend some time learning about the details of American history, our proudest achievements and the great challenges facing us today.


7.Teach. Hand in hand with learning more is the opportunity to teach your children about the proud history of our nation and the sacrifices veterans have made. Spend some time today talking to your children or grandchildren or nieces or nephews about what veterans have done to protect and defend our country.


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Wigu Publishing made the choice to put a strong emphasis on paying tribute to both the Army and Navy.  We feel that it is important for children to learn about the heroic roles that regular people in our society play.

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