Nov 26

Creating a Fun and Memorable Thanksgiving for Children!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for families to spend time together.  Involving your children in the celebration will help them understand and enjoy the holiday.

When your kids grow up and become adults, what do you want them to remember about Thanksgiving?


Thanksgiving activities:

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family, while having as much fun as possible.  If you can manage to involve the history of Thanksgiving with education about the holiday then more power to you!

A few ideas…

-Watch a Thanksgiving Day Parade

-Do a “Turkey Trot” run or hike…

-If you live in the appropriate climate…Ski 🙂

-Throw the football/watch football

-Play a fun board game

-Have an outdoor scavenger hunt




With proper planning, kids can stay involved on Thanksgiving, while having a blast. If your kids are old enough, it could be fun to put them in charge of a side meal such as a special Thanksgiving appetizer.  Having your children help cook is a great way for them to take ownership in the holiday and keep them busy.  When dinner is served, they will feel a sense of pride by contributing.    Click here for a simple list of appetizers with 3 ingredients or less. 



Decorating/setting the table:

For many kids, decorating will not feel like a job.  Whether  your kids are crafty or not, put them to work by making the table look nice!  Decorations can be as simple as setting the table and lighting candles!  It could be fun to have an arts and craft session early Thanksgiving day!  Click here for 16 Thanksgiving decorations ideas. 





Don’t forget about clean up

It definitely won’t hurt to have a little help cleaning the kitchen after the Thanksgiving meal.  Kids need to be responsible for clearing their dishes and helping a little with cleanup.   TIP:  Let them know that the sooner the kitchen is clean…the sooner the dessert comes out.


It won’t hurt to keep the “thanks” in Thanksgiving:

Have the kids choose a few people in their life that they are truly thankful for, (grandparents, teachers, mentors etc) and encourage them to make a thank you card.  The more creative the cards are, the better.


Whatever you decide to do on Thanksgiving, make it a memorable day for the kids!  Building a strong tradition each year will not only bring the family closer together, but will also set an example for your children when they have a chance to be parents!


Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!