Dec 24

Christmas Eve Traditions



For children around the world, there is no evening quite as magical as Christmas Eve.  Due to excitement, most children can barley sleep the night before Christmas.  Christmas Eve is a lovely time for family traditions that are guaranteed to make the night before Christmas as special as possible.


Below are a few Christmas Eve Traditions…Thanks to Netmum.com


Track Santa

Through the day and evening, track Santa’s progress on Norad – a great way to build up the anticipation of his arrival to epic proportions as you watch him make his way around the world delivering presents on Christmas Eve – on his way to your house!







Hang up the stockings543e7efe-83a0-431d-a3d0-391bc0a8641a

You can’t go to bed without hanging up the stockings. Hang them on the mantlepiece or perhaps even at the end of the bed (although this does require Santa to be a bit more stealthy as he fills them later on!).

Many stick to tradition of including a satsuma and a small coin at the end of each stocking (harking back to their own childhood stocking gifts!)





Candles and scents543f8012-c66c-4ed9-9ccb-0f6fc0a8641b

Make your home smell like Christmas to add to the festive mood. Use scented candles or toss a handful of spices onto the fire to bring out a Christmassy scent.







Food and drink for Santa and Rudolph543e79a4-cc4c-458e-b500-4913c0a8641b

Everyone knows that Santa needs food and drink to help keep his strength up on his busy night – so put out a little glass of something he likes and a mince pie and don’t forget milk and carrots for Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer too.








Curl up with a Christmas story543faaeb-56b4-49b6-905e-4cccc0a8641b

Light some candles, put on the tree lights and curl up with a Christmas story with the children. Many do this after baths and before hanging the stockings to create a wonderfully calm end to the day. You could read the nativity story or The Night Before Christmas or any other festive story you choose.






If your Christmas Eve is packed with fun activities, your children might be tired enough to actually sleep! 🙂