Jan 05

Educational Tablet Apps For Kids

Lets face it, it’s 2015 and kids as young as five or six have IPads and tablets.  Obviously parents don’t want their children playing games all day long, so here are a few educational apps.

 Tinybop: The Human Body

This is like a simplified google earth for the human body. You can zoom into the different systems of the body, the heart and circulatory system has a beating heart that you can view inside and out and watch the blood cells travel around. When you click on the little jogging legs to do some exercise you can see the heart beating faster. Theres the skeleton you can piece together, the lungs, nervous system with the senses. A stomach that you can watch digesting the food you fed it through the mouth. Nice. They also have one about plants, and homes around the world too.


 Nighty Night

In Nighty Night all the farmyard animals want to go asleep. When you touch the cow it moos or the chicken clucks and lays an egg, when you turn off the light they close their eyes and gently go asleep. This is part of the the going to bed ritual of a number of friend’s children alongside storytime. A hugely popular app with downloads in the millions, it’s beautifully illustrated and animated by Heidi Wittlinger. They have since updated it with a circus version with giggley circus fleas and a juggling snake.


Franklin Frog

Nosy Crow are one of the UK’s best known app makers, with lots of well made apps. This is perhaps my favorite of theirs. This is part of their “rounds” series which each follow the life cycle of animals, it follows the life cycle of a frog, we watch the frogspawn grow and turn into tadpoles who avoid getting eaten and feed and grow legs and grow into a frog. Theres also one about a penguin. Very nice simple graphics, smooth satisfying interaction and very educational. As with all Nosy Crow apps the text lights up as it is being read aloud to aid reading, a great feature.



Sago Sago Forest Flyer

Fly around a beautifully illustrated world with a little bird. Pop balloons, meet other animals, eat cupcakes and play hide and seek. There are two versions, one in summer with a summer picnic, the winter one you can give wooly hats to friends and turn on Christmas lights. It is simple and quite short but beautifully made and illustrated with simple toys and activities to explore that toddlers will enjoy and want to do again and again. There are around a dozen other Sago Sago titles.


Endless ABC

A simple but very clever app to teach letters, phonics and spelling all in one. The letters of a word are shuffled by a mob of unruly monsters and need to be re-assembled, as you lift each letter it says its name A says “a-a-a-a-a” as it is lifted into place. When the word is reassembled all the letters rejoice and the word is explained in a short, entertaining animation. ALARM has a monster being woken up from sleep only to right back to sleep again. BELLOW has a monster shouting at another monster. It makes learning letters and words fun and utilities the audio-visual possibilities of apps in the best possible ways. Language apps which can use interaction and crucially audio in this way have such a huge advantage over traditional language textbooks.


Just because your child has an IPad or tablet, does not mean all they have to do is play thoughtless games.  There is a  wide variety of educational and thought provoking apps.