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“A timely and important read. This book provides an engaging primer on the importance of nursing, a growing profession in need of attracting passionate and qualified youth.” —Hank Cardello, Author of Stuffed, Senior Fellow and Director, the Hudson Institute

“An inspiring and delightful story of young girl’s quest, changing conflict and fear into understanding and aspiration.” —M.B. Vanbruger, MLIS, Librarian, Child Literacy Advocate, Los Angeles County, CA

“I loved this story, and so did my grand children. Now they understand what I did and why I did it. Reading this book confirms I made the right life choice to be a nurse.” —Cynthia Nelson, MS, BSN, RN, (retired), Chicago, IL

“This engaging book can help to provide important information to boys and girls who are thinking about being of service to others in the very rewarding profession of nursing.” —Gretchen Drinkard, Assistant Dean, Barnes-Jewish College School of Nursing, St. Louis, MO

“A book every child should have. A totally enjoyable read that will help alleviate any child’s natural fears of the hospitals. This story is superb and touching.” —Kevin Charles Smith, author of the Bilge Rat Pirate Adventure Series


“People often hear their children express an interest in a particular profession. When I Grow Up I Want To Be…a Nurse! is well written, well researched and entertaining.”—Alan Caruba, Bookviews



“Colorful illustrations are interleaved with photographs of real-life nurses on the job. The hospital nurses help the young character Amber overcome her fear of hospitals, and she learns about the hard work that nurses do so that she and people like her can get better and return to their everyday lives.”—James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review



“This is a great book that not only gives you some nurse basics, but allows the reader to apply those educational tidbits to something relatable in the story. We learn all about the different types of nurses, where they work and why they do the job they do. The illustrations match the storyline perfectly.”—Bonnie Rediske, Goodreads



“Charming, educational, lovely bright illustrations and with every one there is a possible vocation for little ones to pursue when they grow up. These are books to be kept on the shelf to be read and re-read. I would recommend this book to teachers, parents, grandparents, babysitters and of course, the budding minds of our children.”—Gayle Pace, Bemiown Blogspot



“This is an excellent story about being treated for injury and conquering your fears of medical treatment so that you can be cured. It also contains information about the history and duties of nursing and the standard actions that are performed when you are being treated, why they are done and what the consequences are. Therefore, this book serves two purposes; it teaches the reader about the value of nurses in society as well as alleviates some of the fears that children have when they are undergoing medical treatment.”—Charles Ashbacher, Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer



“Amber learns a lot about nurses and their different jobs. With what she saw and what she talked to the nurses about she decides she wants to be a nurse when she grows up. Your child will be wanting to read and re-read it over and over. I gave this book 5 stars but it really
deserves many, many more.—Marjorie’s Reviews



“The book gives you a great look at the different types of nurses and their jobs. I love the way the book is not just illustrated but has real pictures of nurses in action. These are very popular books on my nonfiction shelf at school.”—Sandra K. Styles



“In my opinion, this book does a great job of educating children about the nursing profession. As the story continues, there are facts included about nurses and hospitals. I liked the story included a male nurse and a female doctor, to show children that it doesn’t matter what gender a person is for them to become a nurse or a doctor. I liked the International Pledge for Nurses in this book, also, which explains that race, social status, creed, color, and politics cannot matter for nurses when treating patients.—Book Review Travels



“This book introduces the history of nursing and Florence Nightingale. It also introduces what jobs nurses can do like take a patient’s vitals and the different surgical nurses involved in a surgery. There is also a section on how to overcome your fears and how X-rays work.”—Observations from a Simple Life Blogspot



“Wigu Publishing has a wonderful series of books that will enlighten young readers about various jobs and the history that surrounds them. In When I Grow Up I Want To Be…a Nurse!, readers follow along with Amber to learn what nurses do. Amber has a lot of questions and receives answers from the nurses she encounters in her ‘accidental journey.’ Colorful illustrations along with photographs of nurses in action will help readers better understand the environment and terminology that they will see.”—Kristi Bernard’s Reviews


“As a result of her injury, Amber comes in contact with many nurses and hospital staff and as she listens to each of their stories she discovers that nursing sounds like an exciting career that she would like to become a part of when she grows up. WIGU Publishing takes all sorts of careers and provides our children with books that they can understand and that help them research the career that interests them.”—Jaylynn Patterson, A Simple Life, Really?!



“These books give great exposure to different jobs in life. You couldn’t ask for a better series for children to read!”—The Blended Blog



“I would totally recommend picking up this book for your child.  It is informative and entertaining.”—The Vegetarian Reviewer



“Colorful photographs are the backdrop for the cartoon like illustrations that help tell the story of Amber’s journey. Inserts and pictures tell more about nurses and their background. The story is fun, but also has a deeper layer that will help children learn more about nurses while enjoying the book.”—Book Reviews by Tima



“This book provided a comprehensive look at the nursing profession, while at the same time, telling an enticing age-appropriate story that is guaranteed to pull interested children in to the action of Amber’s story of her accidental journey.”—Book Readers Heaven



“This is a beautifully written story with great illustrations that introduces children to the caring nursing profession. I read the book with my nearly 4 year old niece, which led her to ask more questions about nursing as well as enjoying the story. A great story about overcoming fears and misconceptions while introducing a rewarding career path about unselfishly caring for others.”—What’s Good To Do