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a Teacher!

Wigu Publishing | www.whenIgrowupbooks.com #childrensbooksCARLEE LEARNS ABOUT BEING A TEACHER!

Carlee had always wanted to be a teacher when she grew up, until her mother is hired as a teacher at her school! Some of her friends are even in her mother’s class. Carlee is worried. What will her friends say? Will her mother do something to embarrass her? Carlee vows never to become a teacher like her mother, but as she journeys through the first day of school with her own new teacher, Carlee makes some surprising discoveries.




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“I think the When I Grow Up I Want to Be . . . series could become the set young kids turn to first when thinking of their future.” – Amy Lignor, Goodreads

“Great book. Great inspiration. Recommended for everyone who wants to grow up to be someone special, doing something worthwhile.” – Dr. Theresa Daem, Superintendent, Laguna Beach Unified School District (retired); Chair, NASS, National Association of School Superintendents

“When I Grow Up I Want To Be…a Teacher! is a wonderful story about learning and teaching. As a teacher myself, I value the way Carlee’s dilemma allows her to actively engage with all she is learning on the first day of school. Her story is one that will capture the imagination of young readers. Parents will appreciate the emphasis on knowledge and the choices that Carlee considers. History and science are conveyed in a fun and entertaining, as well as relevant, way.” – Patricia O’Brien, Dean Emeritus of the College of Letters and Science, UCLA


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ISBN: 978-1-939973-08-5
Library of Congress Control Number: 2013914095