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When I Grow Up I Want To Be…a Nurse!

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Amber’s Accidental Journey!


When Amber gets injured on the soccer field, she is forced to confront the fears shared by many children—fears of blood, hospitals, and abandonment. During her treatment, Amber encounters nurses who help her overcome her fears. By discovering the good work nurses do, Amber realizes that not only can she return to the soccer field, but she can also turn to the field of nursing when she grows up—something she never thought she could do!















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“A timely and important read. This book provides an engaging primer on the importance of nursing, a growing profession in need of attracting passionate and qualified youth.” —Hank Cardello, Author of Stuffed, Senior Fellow and Director, the Hudson Institute

“An inspiring and delightful story of young girl’s quest, changing conflict and fear into understanding and aspiration.” —M.B. Vanbruger, MLIS, Librarian, Child Literacy Advocate, Los Angeles County, CA

“I loved this story, and so did my grand children. Now they understand what I did and why I did it. Reading this book confirms I made the right life choice to be a nurse.” —Cynthia Nelson, MS, BSN, RN, (retired), Chicago, IL

“This engaging book can help to provide important information to boys and girls who are thinking about being of service to others in the very rewarding profession of nursing.” —Gretchen Drinkard, Assistant Dean, Barnes-Jewish College School of Nursing, St. Louis, MO

“A book every child should have. A totally enjoyable read that will help alleviate any child’s natural fears of the hospitals. This story is superb and touching.” —Kevin Charles Smith, author of the Bilge Rat Pirate Adventure Series